Our Store


Billy Stagner has always worked well with his hands. From his first job manicuring lawns, to his carpentry apprenticeship, his natural ability to work well with his hands has been apparent from a very young age. 
Billy began to work with his friend that was a jeweler, and learned how to repair and design jewelry. Billy's natural talent led him to begin his career as a Master Jeweler. He continued his education with the Gemological Institute of America and was awarded a Certificate in Diamonds in May of 1991, as well as a Certificate in Colored Gems in July of 1992. Billy continues to perfect his skills by learning new techniques, and always staying up to date in the latest jewelry trends. 
Billy's passion for jewelry led him to open his own store when he was only seventeen. He established his store in 1975 near the Wedgewood subdivision entrance on the corner of 2351 and Blackhawk.
In 1979, Billy had the opportunity to expand by relocating to the heart of Friendswood when he moved his business to the Stonesthrow Shopping Center. 
However, Billy could not carry out his dream alone. In 1983, Billy met Connie and she began to work for the store in 1984. It did not take long for them to realize that they were made for each other, and they were married in March of 1985.
Their passion for jewelry has helped them to become a long lasting business.  However, their love of helping people celebrate those special moments in life, from graduations to engagements, has allowed them to become a special part of the Friendswood community.