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Paul Tyllick

June 28, 2019

Billy designed a great engagement ring for us and worked to make it fit Pam's finger that changes size during winter, ask about his self adjusting modification. Connie made sure it arrived in time for her birthday, Acori Diamonds is a great place to get your jewelry!

Sharon Harris

July 7, 2019

Proud to say I've used Acori Diamonds & Designs for years, both for purchases and repairs. I love how convenient and courteous I always for my interactions with them. I highly recommend them for your jewelry needs!

Sharyn Tanton

April 29, 2019

My husband and I drove for an hour to come and see these people after hearing about them on AM radio. I was having a problem with my wedding set and the quality of the diamonds and had become very dissatisfied and disenchanted. After speaking with Connie she wanted to have the ring cleaned which took a good amount of time because of the equipment involved in the build-up that was on my ring. We mentioned maybe changing out diamonds to correct whatever this problem was. After much more discussion we left to have lunch and give the ring more time to be cleaned. Her husband, the gemologist counseled us as well to where we were able to understand exactly the diamond dynamics going on with my ring. They continued to say we just want you to be happy with your ring. In the end they cleaned my ring so very well that we are no longer upset with the appearance of the ring and love it. It reminds us of when we first got it and how beautiful it was. They didn't try to sell us other diamonds to put in, they knew the truth was in the cleaning of the Ring. They were completely honest and genuine and they did not rush us. We thoroughly appreciate their help and would love to give them our future business. Our purchase that day was for ring cleaner for $11. That's what I call a big blessing. And Acori Diamonds were a part of that. Sharyn

Russell Ybarra

March 23, 2019

My wife damaged her wedding ring in her car door and lost one of her diamonds in the process. We took it to Acori Diamonds & Design to have it repaired & replaced and they did a fantastic job. My wife couldn’t be happier. The personal service and good value for services rendered are second to none. We highly recommend them should you ever have any type of jewelry needs.


June 27, 2019

Thank you so very much for having Kendra Scott beautiful jewelry in your store. I have enjoyed purchasing several pieces there.